With a name like The Bavarian Fistfighter, you can be sure that its creator, Rough Crafts, doesn’t hold back any punches. This BMW R nineT, which has been redesigned by Rough Crafts’ Winston Yeh, is an all-new level of aggressive.

It has an aluminum fuel tank that borrows from the late 70s and early 80s BMWs, but it also keeps modern-day necessities, like a fuel pump, battery and electronics box. The custom headlight is unlike anything we’ve seen before, with a perforated section on the right that supports the new oil cooler from Part. The solo seat is an old-school BMW seat from the 1950s that has been wrapped in leather. The rear wheels are six inches wide, and they’re entirely original by the creators. The bike also contains Brembo brakes, Beringer controls, and a custom rear shock from Gears Racing. And as far as the paint job goes, well it’s entirely blacked out, save for the gold logo and the exhaust.