New year, new opportunities, new technology. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), traditionally kept in Las Vegas every year, has presented the world once again with useful and less useful but very cool gadgets. These are, in our opinion, the best, funniest and coolest gadgets of CES 2016:

Passenger Drone

1. Ehang’s passenger drone which, after it’s landed, can be parked in a regular parking spot! The definition of a drone is that it’s unmanned, so this is officially not a drone.. right?

Long Flighttime Drone

2. We’re sticking to drones for this one. The Parrot’s Disco has plane-like wings hat allow a flight time of 45 minutes (!). Awesome!


3. Probably not the footwear with the best looks, but it has some cool features. Digitsole‘s shoes are linked to your smartphone with which you can regulate your laces, measure your steps and it even has an option to warm your feet!

3D Model Your Interior

4. Thanks to the app developed by MyCaptR an iPad can be used to create a 3D-image of a room in less than three minutes. This technology could very well bring some big changes to the interior design world.

Robot RC Glove

5. Perhaps useless, but possibly lots of fun: the remote control glove developed by Ziro. It let’s you control the movements of a robots linked to the glove. It’s part of a bigger, modular robotics kit which is very interesting.

Rollup Display

6. The future is here? LG presented a ultrathin, roll-up, flexible OLED-display. Check out the future of screens.

Family Hub Fridge

7. If you’re lazy and want your fridge to do the food ordering (yep, really) then maybe Samsung’s new smart fridgeis what you’ve been waiting for! This family hub has a touch screen and is equipped some cool features that make life easier. It even sends out emails to family members.

Scent Alarm Clock

8. Want to wake up in the smell of ocean, jungle, croissant, chocolate, mint or coffee? The new Sensorwake alarm clock makes it all possible.

Scan Food Calories

9. This one might come in handy for everyone that’s working on a sixpack. This little tool developed by SCiOmeasures the actual amount of calories in food.

Tesla Competition?

10. Last but not least: a 1000 hp electric sports car. Made by Chinese car producer Faraday Future. This beast could become a serious alternative to the sportier Tesla models. Check out the video of this new electric beast of a vehicle.