At first glance this umbrella-boutique looks just like any other boutique. Everything looks neat and tidy behind the windows, just like the shop itself. However, for members who know exactly which umbrella to grab from the racks, a secret passage opens towards Foxglove; the most tasteful ‘speakeasy’ club in Hongkong.



Once inside you’re welcomed by the extraordinary design of NC Design & Architecture. “The club is a fantasy world based on the adventures of the English gentleman and is named after the favorite (possibly deadly) flower of his great love’, according to the designers. Every space has its own theme that’s centered around means of transport in their most classical forms; automobiles, ships and trains.


For the ones that appreciate more privacy, they can get access to the VIP area. Imagine yourself being in an authentic top-dollar train cabine. The interior is dark with bright red accents which gives a most classical finish. ‘One can only enter the room by laying a hand upon a specific painting. As soon as it brightens, the door will open’.

Freshen Up

Whoever feels like freshening up, has to venture into a truly authentic ship. It doesn’t get much better than that. Now all there’s left to do is become a member. That might proof to be difficult however.